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Emergency First Aid Certificate for Complementary Therapists

This is a 1 day CPD course and is recommended by most professional associations and clinics that complementary therapists should hold a valid certificate in First Aid. 

Course Syllabus

This course provides basic life saving first aid skills and knowledge of workplace health and safety regulations, covering:

  • Adult resuscitation (CPR)

  • Burns and scalds

  • Choking adult

  • Communication and casualty care

  • Defibrillator prompts and how to respond (theory based)

  • Defibrillator pad placement (theory based)

  • Minor and severe bleeding

  • Role of the first aider (including knowledge of health and safety regulations)

  • Seizures

  • Shock

  • Unresponsive adult


Course Cost

£120.00 (10% discount for CHP members)

Course Dates: 

7th September 2025

This course is tutored by Dan Stephen and you can call him on 07383285058 if you need to discuss this course or email

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