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Hydrosols, Infused Oils and Advanced Product Making with Essential Oils (Online course)

This course has been designed as part of the level 5 upgrade course for aromatherapists and essential oil therapists but can also be undertaken as a stand alone CPD course. 

It covers the science behind hydrosols, how to make your own, and why they are so useful in product making, We also cover infused oils and advanced product making in general and everything you need to know to take your product making to the next level.

It is an online course supported with videos demonstrating preparation methods and there is coursework to complete in order to gain the CPD certificate. You will gain 20 CPD points from Complementary Health Professionals.

Here is the syllabus:

  • Understanding hydrosols; what their properties and frequencies are, how to purchase quality hydrosols

  • Understanding the difference between essential oils, absolutes and hydrosols and how to use them in practice

  • How to make you own hydrosols (supported by videos).

  • Making products using hydrosols

  • How to distil your own essential oils

  • Understanding infused oils and when you might use them in your product making and treatments (if offering massage as an aromatherapist)

  • Understand the use of 10 common herbs to infuse and why you might want to

  • How to make infused oils

  • How to integrate carrier media in your products – understanding how to use different products effectively.

  • Current legislation surrounding product making

  • Creating your wish list and inventory for your product making equipment and supplies

  • Knowing how to create balms and waxes, salts, muds, creams, lotions, soap and shampoos etc.

  • Understand the use of preservatives in your product making



Cost of this course is £150.00

CHP Premier members get a £10 discount

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