Bespoke Treatments
All treatments are tailored to suit your individual needs. Additional charges may apply should you require bespoke aromatherapy products to take home.


£50.00 per treatment

I also do treatments on animals - contact me for details on prices

Treatments Available
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage (Remedial Massage & Trigger Point Therapy)
  • Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy (NSRT)
  • NSRT for animals
  • Reflexology
  • Chirokinetic Therapy (Inner Energy Healing)
  • Crystal Therapy


Aromatherapy - our sense of smell is linked directly to the limbic area of the brain, which is responsible for memory and emotion. This is why scents can transcend time and take you back to a strong memory. Can you think of one? Essential oils influence the brain to uplift, stimulate or relax you and each has intrinsic chemical properties that have researched health properties such as being antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory etc. Oils are blended for you on an individual basis and applied through massage or they can be blended into creams, lotions etc., for home use.

Advanced Deep Tissue Remedial & Therapeutic Massage with Trigger Point Therapy - As I have specialised in back pain, joint pain and accident trauma injury over the years, I work on the required areas of your body to help free up tight muscles and help you regain mobility and wellness. Trigger Point Therapy means that I can find areas where lactic acid has accumulated and release them, thereby freeing up the muscle tissue and joint. This is no fluff and  buff treatment and it is can be quite painful, although I work with you and use breathing techniques whilst I release the areas causing concern. I may also use useful essential oils in this treatment that are known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy (NSRT) - I brought this therapy to the UK in 1997 have been practising it ever since, setting up the first training school for this modality in the UK. It is a non-manipulative therapy carried out through your clothing, which works so that your body re-aligns itself naturally, without any bone crunching or forced movement by me. The website for NSRT can be viewed at, where you will find more information on how the therapy works and what to expect from a treatment. You will also be able to read published articles I have had published over the years in various professional magazines and journals.

Reflexology - I trained in reflexology in 2001 as part of my degree in Complementary Therapies. My reflexology disseration was done on someone with spinal cord injuries as I wanted to prove that reflexology has an effect even when someone cannot feel their feet. The results were unmistakable and you can read my dissertation on my blog pages. This is not a foot massage but a treatment where certain points on the feet correspond to body parts and organs, where they can be brought into balance and harmony. It is a very relaxing treatment and has immediate results.

Chirokinetic Therapy (Inner Energy Healing) - This therapy is actually an extension of the original Chirokinetic Therapy, which is a mixture of kinesiology muscle testing and chiropractic flicks on various parts of the body. The beauty of this technique is that through muscle testing, your body will tell me how it wants to be treated and as a result, I can address any issue: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, using a wide variety of techniques based on my extensive training.

Crystal Therapy  - this uses mostly quartz crystal to balance your body energy systems (known as the chakras, HEF and meridian system). Quartz has a frequency that can be measured and that is why it is used in watches to keep time and also used in the silicon chip. This same frequency can be used to move energy that has become "stuck", preventing good health and well-being. It is a very relaxing therapy to receive and you are encouraged to drift off to relaxing music. I will also use a range of other crystals to help balance your chakras and clear your energy field to leave you feeling balanced and generally feeling clearer and more focused. It is particularly good for emotional and mental issues but can be used in almost any instance that is required by your body and this includes alleviating physical pain. I have also been trained to use advanced techniques where necessary to help you achieve your goals towards health and wellbeing.

Information about the various therapies offered

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What to expect from a treatment:
  • Your first treatment will be a little longer as I need to take a medical history and lifestyle consultation. This is so I can treat your correctly and safely and tailor a treatment specifically for you

  • All information shared between therapist and client is private and confidential and will never be discussed with a third party without your permission or if it is needed to protect you from potential risk

  • You will need to remove clothes for aromatherapy and remedial massage but will be covered with towel. Only the parts being massage will be uncovered in order to keep you warm and protect your modesty

  • You will remain clothed for reflexology, neuroskeletal , CKT and Crystal Therapy but please wear comfortable loose clothing. You will need to remove your shoes (and sock for reflexology)

  • For Neuroskeletal (NSRT), please either wear or bring and old pair of worn shoes with you

  • I will explain your treatment to you before I begin and why as I may wish to mix therapies. You are encouraged to ask questions

  • During your treatment, it is up to you whether to talk or drift off but I may encourage you to drift when beneficial

  • Each treatment will take approximately 90 minutes but I allow for 2 hours

  • You can choose whether or not to have relaxing music during your treatment or have silence

  • You can stop the treatment at any time and it is fine to get up off the couch during a treatment if you need a break or to visit the loo

  • You will be given time to come to after treatment and offered a drink of water

  • You will be given aftercare advice and information about booking a follow up appointment

  • Please do not worry if you have spots or blemishes on your skin, think you have ugly feet or haven't shaved your legs! Bodywork therapists don't care about these things as we are only interested in the treatments we are giving and helping you achieve your health goals. Believe me, we have seen it all!