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What students say:

"Thank you for your very helpful developmental feedback" Janet

"This has been a hard course but I now feel much more confident than when I studied this topic previously" Alison

Fully recognised Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Diploma (distance learning only)

This is a full practitioners' diploma in A, P & P (level 4) and it complies with the National Occupational Standards and the Core Curricula from ALL of the main Lead Bodies in Complementary Medicine. We include this as part of the Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage Diploma, but you can also take it as a diploma on its own if you wish. There is a quite a bit of coursework related to this to help you understand the body's complexities in detail and will help you become a better practitioner in no matter what modality you offer.


There are three modules and you will request the next one once the previous has been marked and feedback given. This can all be done electronically and in your own time, at your own pace. You will take a theory exam at the end of your course. There is an additional charge of £50 for the exam.


The cost per module is £100 and there are three modules, so the total cost is £350 with the exam.

This course is accredited by Complementary Health Professionals and you can join this professional association and gain insurance to practice through its block scheme one you have successfully completed your course

This course is unlike any other online course available as it will give you indepth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology that will make you an expert practitioner that in turn will instill trust with your clients. The study of anatomy and pathology is the foundation of everything you do as a complementary health professional and you need the very best training available. With our fantastic online virtual learning environment full of excellent resources and video links, coupled with full regular support, why go anywhere else?


You support package includes Skype of Facetime sessions with Carole and you can email her and message her as often as you need.



Systems of the Body – Anatomical Terms – Chemical Organisation of the Body – Cells – Body Tissue  – The Muscular System – Muscle Functions -  The Skin -  The Skeletal System – The Special Senses,  Diseases (pathology) relating to these systems



The Respiratory System – The Neurological System – The Cardiovascular System -The Lymphatic System and Immune System, Diseases (pathology) relating to these systems



Urinary System – Digestive System – Reproductive System – The Endocrine System, Diseases (pathology) relating to these systems

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