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Accredited Level 5 Clinical Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Science Diploma (in-class)

What you will achieve:

This will give you a full advanced practitioners diploma in clinical and therapeutic aromatherapy science and is recognised by the CNHC (UK voluntary regulatory body). It complies with and exceeds both the National Occupational Standards and the Aromatherapy Council's Core Curriculum. Therefore, once qualified you will be able to practise, gain insurance and register with the CNHC as well as becoming a full member of Complementary Health Professionals and all the benefits that brings you as a therapist.

To read the full syllabus, please click here


What is better about blended learning and attending face to face training?

There are many courses available that are cheap and do not involve a great deal of effort or to attend any face to face training in a workshop - or perhaps just one day's training. You are given a video to learn a massage routine from. It is true that you can get insurance to practice from these courses but you are in no way considered a professional aromatherapist in the eyes of the profession and would not be able to register with the regulatory body or join a  recognised professional association. However, the main point is that you cannot develop clinical skills from watching a video. You also should not just repeat the same routine on every client. You need to develop the skills that will allow you to become a thinking therapist who can treat each person individually and adapt their treatment for their needs. You would not even think about going to a hairdresser who has learnt their trade by video let alone a therapist. So our course will give you the skills to become a trusted recognised therapist who will succeed in business.


Practical Workshops 

Your practical workshops are at our Thetford venue, of which you will need to undertake 16 training weekends.  All essential oils, base oils and other related resources are provided for you, as are couches but you will need to bring your own towels for practical training.


Final Exams

Once you have completed all of the modules and practicals, including all of the coursework and case studies, you are then ready to take your therapy theory and practical exams, which are held on one day.  If you already have a recognised A&P diploma, you do not have to repeat it by doing ours. You will need to bring your completed portfolio to the practical exam to be signed off, which includes your case studies. An independent examiner from Complementary Health Professionals will assess you.


Course Costs

To make this affordable, you pay for each weekend as you go but there is a £340.00 non-refundable deposit.  The full cost of the diploma is £3400, payable in monthly instalments over 17 months - you pay £180 per month). This includes your separate level 4 anatomy, physiology and pathology qualification (worth £350) and a separate First Aid certification.

Tutor: Dan Stephens and please contact him on: 07383285058 should you wish to discuss the course or email us:

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