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Aromatherapy Conversion Diploma
Fully compliant with the CNHC aromatherapy curriculum and accredited by Complementary Health Professionals

This course is for anyone with a recognised Level 3 (or above) Massage Therapy Diploma who would like to upskill to also become an aromatherapist. It takes into account the studies you have already done within your massage course and then adds on the clinical aromatherapy and essential oil science components. You will need to complete 10 aromatherapy case studies, take our 2 online aromatherapy modules (with full tutor support with all of your coursework) and attend 3 two-day workshops. This will bring your hours up to the required GLH and in-class hours required.

Students will also have the option to attend our Kew Gardens Aromatic Tour that supports coursework.

It can also be used by our Essential Oil Practitioner Diploma graduates who also have a massage therapy qualification and want to also be able to practise aromatherapy. You will need to complete 5 case studies and attend the three weekend workshops.


Massage Therapist conversion to Aromatherapist is £900.00 (includes 6 days in-class training and completion of 2 online aromatherapy modules). You can pay in instalments for each workshop and module as you work through them.

Massage Therapist with Essential Oil Practitioner's Diploma who wants to become a full aromatherapist £600.00 and you also pay by instalments prior to each workshop.

There is an additional exam fee of £50 for your theory exam (the practical exam is included in the price stated above.


Course Dates:

Session 1 - 20th & 21st May 2024

Session 2 - 24th & 25th June 2024

Session 3 - 30th November & 1st December 2024 *to allow for completion of your coursework and case studies)


King Street, Thetford (see our about us page for full details)

In-Class Training

Aromatherapy massage should be an outer body experience! The therapist will not speak with the client or move them much in order to fully experience the bliss of floating away on the ethers. It is also the best way of getting the essential oils into the body and you can offer clients either an aromatherapy massage, which is slow and medatative for deep relaxation and stress reduction, or offer a massage with essential oils, which is where your client prefers the deeper work but you can add in essential oils to enhance the treatment. It is great to have that versatility and also be able to make a sell bespoke essential oil products to your clients to use in between massage sessions.


Workshop 1: Aromatherapy Massage Theory and Techniques, and the difference in approach - to include lymph drainage, meridian chasing and acupressure.

Workshop 2: Blending essential oils for massage instruction and practice. Aromatherapy clay facials. Adapting existing massage skills for the aromatherapy client or thinking about using essential oils for deep massage work.

Workshop 3: Review of practical applications taught and assessment on clients. Students will be working on eachother as well as on provided clients.

To see the content of the essential oil modules visit our other page: Essential Oil Practitioner Diploma

The tutor for this course is Dan Stephens FCHP, FFHT CNHC Registered for the practical and you can call him to discuss on 07383285058. The theory will be assessed by Carole Preen FCHP FANM HonMIFA. You can also email us any queries at:

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