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Upgrade/bridging course for Aromatherapists

We offer an upgrade diploma for existing aromatherapists and this is for people who may have studied a while ago and want a refresher, may have studied abroad and want to upgrade to UK standards in order to join a professional association here or for those who did a course that was not set at the current UK accepted standards.

In the UK, we have a voluntary self-regulatory body called the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). They hold the core curriculum for 19 therapies, including aromatherapy. If you want to be on the register, you need to evidence your knowledge and training at this standard. This course will help you reach this standard should you wish to be CNHC registered and join Complementary Health Professionals as your membership association. The difference between a regulator and a membership association is well explained on the CNHC website here.

In order to ascertain what coursework is required, you need to send us your existing diploma and ideally a copy of your original syllabus (or obtain it from your school if you can). We will then map it to the CNHC core curriculum and see where, if any, the gaps are. We will then advise you on what coursework/case studies you need to complete to bridge these gaps in line with the existing level 3 diploma course. You will then get access to the full aromatherapy diploma course materials and links to supporting documents on our online learning platform and all of the work can be completed remotely with tutor access and support. You are also welcome to join in (for additional fees) on any of our aromatherapy workshops/classes and events. We can discuss these separately.

It is a CNHC requirement that we do a practical observation on all bridging/upgrade courses, but we can do this via video call.

If you would like to start the process, please complete the enrolment form below and we will get in touch.

Course fee: £250.00

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