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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Introduction to the Aura & Chakra System

This course was created for everyone, whether you are just interested in the subject and want to learn more, whether you are considering doing a diploma in energy healing and what to dip your toe or whether you are a practising complementary therapist and want to learn how to work with energies and develop your skills.  


There is one module and for therapists wanting CPD points, there is some optional coursework for you to complete that will be individually assessed with feedback from your tutor. You also receive 6 CPD points from Complementary Health Professionals.

The course comes with lots of resources materials, including guided chakra meditations and demonstration videos.

Course Content


  • Understanding how to ground yourself in order to work effectively

  • Be able to protect your own energies

  • Understand the concept of the entire human energy field

  • Understand the location and concepts of the entire chakra system and how this may be affecting you (and also your clients)

  • How to detect which chakras may be blocked and need work through muscle testing

  • How energy moves through the chakras into the physical body, touching on an introduction to the body energy interface and meridian system

  • How to cleanse and open the chakras using a variety of methods, including quartz crystal

  • Be able to open your chakras through meditation and bring yourself into balance

  • How to use positive affirmations to balance your energy system

  • Work respectfully and within your limitations

  • Considerations for further training in this area if you want to take it further

The course includes lots of tools and exercises to help you learn and develop your skills, including affirmations, physical exercises, working with crystals, essential oils and colour, and there are supporting videos and guided meditations for you to follow.                                                                                     

Cost £65.00 

CHP Premier Members get a £15 discount - so £50


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