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Dowsing for Health

This short online course introduces you to dowsing with a pendulum and how it can be used in your practice as a therapist to help you select the best outcomes in therapy for your clients. For CPD, it comes with optional coursework.


It can also be used by anyone interested in learning to dowse for personal use.


It will cover aspects that you may not have thought of before using tools such as pendulum arcs that have been created for you to download from our online learning platform.

The course comes with 3 short videos of me showing you how I use dowsing in my practice for therapeutic purposes.


Here is the course content:

  • How to Ground yourself when working with energies

  • Protection when working with higher energies

  • What is dowsing?

  • What is a pendulum?

  • How to choose and care for your pendulums

  • How to start dowsing with a pendulum

  • How to ask the right sort of questions

  • Dowsing for health including: essential oils, flower remedies, supplements, diet, allergies etc.

  • Dowsing for food allergies and intolerances

  • Cautions for consideration when dowsing for health

  • Coursework instruction


You will achieve 5 CPD points upon successful completion of your coursework, which consists of writing up 2 case studies.


The cost of this certified and accredited CPD course is just £50.00

For CHP members, it is only £40 (20% discount)

If you just want to use the course for personal use then the fee is just £25.00.

Complete the enrolment and we

will send out details and payment options


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