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Feedback from students:

"Wow, I never realised how little I actually knew about chemistry and we had only really covered it very lightly in my original training. Thank you for putting together such an amazing course". Wendy

Essential Oil Chemistry (Online course)

This course has been designed as part of our level 5 upgrade aromatherapy diploma and can also be taken as a stand alone module as continuing professional development for aromatherapists. It will assist you in updating your knowledge on this very important subject and learn a new perspective on considerations and safety for blending.

It is an online course supported with videos and there is coursework to complete in order to gain the CPD certificate. You will gain 12 CPD points from Complementary Health Professionals.

Pre-requisite - this course is available for anyone who currently holds a recognised level 3 diploma in aromatherapy that is mapped to the UK national standards (or overseas equivalent). You will need to email a copy of your certificate as proof.

Here is the syllabus:

  • Essential oils functions as secondary plant metabolism (with a refresh on taxonomy and nomenclature)

  • Biosynthesis - formation of essential oils in the plant

  • Understanding the volatile compounds found in essential oils - looking at the functional group generally and learning why this is not the best way to study essential oil chemistry)

  • Understanding yields and environmental factors affect essential oils

  • Understanding GC/MS analysis reports and how to use them

  • How essential oil chemistry affects blending and dilution ratios

  • Pathways of essential oils for therapeutic actions

  • Biological activities of essential oils

  • Cancer chemoprotective activity

  • Essential oil safety data and cytotoxicity

  • Essential oil interactions with medications

  • Insightful considerations for choosing the right blend of essential oils for your client, to include methods of calculating percentages in various base products

  • Why internal use and neat application of undiluted oil of essential oils is a dangerous practice

  • Storage of essential oils

Cost of this course is £150.00

CHP Premier members get a £10 discount

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