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Frequently asked questions (Online Essential Oil Diploma)

1. Who is the course accredited with?

All of our courses are accredited by Complementary Health Professionals (CHP). They were formed in 1994 and are one of the verifying organisations for the CNHC and are highly respected within our profession. CHP issues your diploma certificate and you can join them as a professional practitioner once qualified and have access to therapist's discounted insurance.

​2. What level is the course?

This course is set at level 4. It is practitioner level and then pushes you academically but you get lots of support.

3. How can this course be done online?

This is because there are no bodywork elements. If you are learning aromatherapy, massage, reflexology etc. you need face to face supervision to perfect your practical skills but here, the work is all theory based. You can book a 1:1 blending practical day if you want that additional support for an extra charge. We also have an annual Aromatic Tour at Kew Gardens you can come along to and this is great to support your studies.

4. How long does the course take?

You have up to two years to complete the course but you are left to work at your own pace. Each module can be done in 4-8 weeks but you can take 12 weeks. Extenuating circumstances can be granted for extensions where needed.

5. How often do I need to submit coursework?

We recommend you complete a module around every two months, but you can work more quickly if you have the time or slower, depending on your personal circumstances.

6. Will I have access to a personal tutor?

YES! Unlike some other online courses, you have access to a real human being as often as you need. Your tutor is a qualified aromatherapist and tutor/assessor with 25 years of experience in teaching aromatherapy and essential oils. You can schedule video chats for discussing coursework and case studies as often as you need or email questions. There are also additional optional contact via either a blending workshop (done online 1-1 with your tutor if you feel you need that extra level of support for a charge of £50 and we have an annual Aromatic Tour of Kew Gardens visit that you can book onto).

7. Can I pay in instalments?

YES! As the course is modular, you pay as you go. It is £100 per module.

8. How are payments made?

After you complete the enrolment, we will send you payment details to allow you to have all the information before you commit to your first module. You can pay via BACs transfer or PayPal. If you prefer, you can pay by cheque, although this delays things.

9. Are the exam done online?

No, the exams are written exam papers and not online multiple choice questions. They are based around case studies for you to consider and will be posted to you to complete at home. You will return them to your tutor for assessment and external verification by Complementary Health Professionals.

10. What A&P qualifications are accepted?

We can accept any anatomy and physiology diploma at level 3 or above that has been issued by a recognised body. We can accept those from Awarding Organisations such as ITEC, City & Guilds and VTCT plus from other providers that are accredited by professional associations such as those that offer qualifications in massage, reflexology etc. If you would like to check, send us a copy of your certificate and we can advise.

11. Can I use this qualification alongside my other therapies?

People do this course for lots of reasons. Many want to create blends for clients or develop a range of products with essential oils and want the knowledge to do this safely and effectively. We have reflexologists who do not want to offer massage but want to use a blended cream for after a reflexology treatment and to create footcare and other essential oil products for clients to take home to use in between treatments.

As this course has specifically removed all the training for blending and application for massage, you cannot use this at present to skip the aromatherapy training if you are already a massage therapist. We are working on this and will be looking to introduce an add on course to allow massage therapists to upgrade to aromatherapist status following completion of this course.

12. When can I start?

As this is an online course only, you can literally start at any time as there are no classes to attend. All of your support is readily available from your tutor 1-1.

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