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Pregnant Woman and Partner
Newborn Baby Foot
Aromatherapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postnatal, Babies & Children (online course)

This course is part of our Level 5 Aromatherapy upgrade diploma or you can do it as standalone CPD. It is perfect for aromatherapists who want to specialise in working with couples trying to conceive, undergoing IVF or other fertility treatments, plus to support the woman through pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. It continues on with understanding the implications of the wider family and includes baby massage and using essential oils for babies and children. It is highly researched with all the correct and referenced materials you need to be confident to work in this rewarding area. You will be assessed through case study coursework and reflective practice.

Supported by a huge workbook that you can keep forever and support training videos, demonstrating how to adapt your existing massage skills for working with pregnant women.


Applicants will need to already hold a recognised level 3 diploma in aromatherapy (or overseas equivalent) or our essential oil therapy diploma. By recognised, this means either meeting the Aromatherapy Council’s Core Curriculum in the year it was delivered or the CNHC Core Curriculum, first published in 2018. The Aromatherapy Council has published a UK national standard for training since 1991.


  • An in depth understanding of fertility anatomically and psychologically; includes the role of the hormones and both the male and female reproductive systems and how fertilisation occurs successfully

  • Causes of infertility and how massage therapy and essential oil therapy can help

  • Working sensitively with couples struggling to conceive, undergoing IVF treatments or women who have had miscarriages

  • History and Traditional Uses of Pregnancy Massage

  • Benefits of massage and aromatherapy for women during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum period

  • Maternal & Foetal Development during pregnancy

  • Ante-natal assessment checks and what they are for

  • Common Ailments of Pregnancy and what this means for both the massage therapists and the essential oil considerations.

  • Contraindications and cautions for massage in pregnancy

  • Discussion of the base products to use for massage and/or essential oil blends

  • Taking the case and the additional information required

  • Working alongside the client’s midwife and GP

  • Essential oils in Pregnancy and safety factors for consideration

  • Preparation for treatment – what additional resources are required in the treatment area for massage?

  • Positioning of the client for massage therapy

  • Massage techniques, both light touch and where you can work deeper, incorporating acupressure and trigger point therapy where appropriate to help alleviate discomfort and support potential emotional release and anxieties

  • Preparation for labour – teaching the partner how to massage or use essential oils during labour if the therapist cannot be there

  • Massage and aromatherapy during labour – includes choices of essential oils and how to use them in various settings (hospital, birthing centre, homebirth, waterbirth)

  • Postpartum massage safety considerations, cautions and appropriate essential oil use

  • Massage and aromatherapy for grief

  • Post-natal medical health checks and what is assessed

  • Postpartum depression

  • The benefits of Baby Massage, physical, emotional and mental for baby and the enhancement of bonding for the family

  • The safe use of essential oil in babies and breast-feeding women

  • How to support the wider family with massage and essential oils and the type of reasons that can occur where families may need additional support

  • Working with older children in massage, aromatherapy and essential oils

  • Common ailments in babies and young children

  • Physical and emotional development of babies and children

  • How to evaluate your treatments through use of reflective practice and ensure client outcomes are being met

Cost of this course is £195.00

CHP Premier members get a £10 discount

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