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Introduction to Colour Therapy (online course)

This course is aimed at everyone who would like to learn how colour affects our health and wellbeing and how we can use colour to influence every aspect of our lives in a positive way. Colour Therapy can be used for healing, health, relaxation, inspiration and protection.


The course can be used as CPD for Complementary Therapists and there is a coursework option should you wish to attain an accredited  CPD certificate that includes using colour in healing. This will give you 6 CPD points.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • understand the concept of the science of colour and light

  • understand the light spectrum and how colour therapy is a form of vibrational medicine

  • understand how colour therapy has been used and evolved through the centuries

  • understand the philosophy, psychology and language of colour

  • understand how to use colour in decor to enhance wellbeing and also the colours to use in a therapy room

  • understand how to think about the colours we are wearing, in relation to mood, the seasons, and how colours can affect us negatively

  • understand what colours mean within the human energy field

  • understand how to balance the chakras using colour therapy

  • understand the safe way in which colour therapy can be integrated into existing healing practices

  • understand how you to use colour in meditation practices for maximum benefit

  • understand the coursework required (optional) should you wish to gain the CPD certificate

Course cost is just £25.00 (without coursework)

With coursework in order to attain the CPD certificate, the course fee is £50.00

(There is a 20% discount for CHP Premier members so, £40)

Click here to enrol and we will contact you with payment options

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