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Introduction to Crystal Healing Therapy for Health & Wellness

(online course)

This course is aimed at everyone who would like to learn how to use crystals safely at home for personal and family wellness. It is also perfect if you are thinking of training as a Crystal Healing Therapist and gives you the opportunity to dip your toe prior to making a commitment to a great deal of study as part of your career progression. It comes packed with exercises and healing techniques for you and your family.

There is no coursework for this course and it gives you the ability to explore this subject with clear, simple instructions.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • understand the theory behind how crystals can influence us

  • understand the benefits of using crystals and how they affect us physically and psychologically

  • understand how to cleanse and charge your crystals for optimum performance

  • have a basic acknowledgement of the energy systems surrounding our physical body 

  • understand how to select crystals for personal use and the various ways you might use them in your home

  • understand the importance of grounding when using crystals in healing

  • understand how to choose and use crystals when healing family members

  • understand how to safely use 25 common crystals in your everyday life

  • understand how to make a gem elixir and how these work

  • understand how to use basic crystal grids for a variety of purposes

  • understand how you can progress to professional training as a career

Course cost is just £25.00 (no coursework)


If you are buying this as a gift, complete the enrolment with your details and when we email you with payment details, you can advise us of who the gift is for with their details and we will send you the voucher with the log on details.

Please email me once you have paid with your email address and the name of the course you want so I can ensure we get your course access set up nice and quickly.

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