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Feedback from students:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Essential Oils course. The information supplied was clear and precise and professional, enabling me to have the confidence to explore essential oils for my personal use. I’ve dabbled in making lip balms, bath bombs, bath oils and homemade foaming hand soap. The course has definitely given me a taster of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and I plan to expand my knowledge further in the near future" Aprille

Introduction to Essential Oil Therapy (online course)

This course is aimed at everyone who would like to learn how to use essential oils safely at home. It is also perfect if you are thinking of training as one of our Essential Oil Practitioners, or as an aromatherapist and gives you the opportunity to dip your toe prior to making a commitment to a great deal of study as part of your career progression. It comes with suggestions for making products and advice and recipes for you and your family and friends.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • understand essential oils and why they form in the plant

  • understand the safety aspects of using essential oils and their potential to cause harm. Also understand how they affect us physically and psychologically

  • understand how to select an essential oil for personal use and the various ways you might use them in your home, including various "carriers" and a selection of products you can make

  • understand how to safely use 10 common essential oils in your everyday life

  • understand how to work out how many drops of essential oil to add to your base product

  • understand how to test for allergic reactions prior to use and how to act if this should occur

  • being able to apply safety data when using and more importantly, diffusing essential oils in the home, especially on vulnerable people and animals

  • Understand how to store essential oils and how to dispose of them

  • understand the danger of taking essential oils internally

  • understand how you can progress to professional training as a career

Course cost is just £25.00

Click here to enrol and we will contact you with payment options

If you are buying this as a gift, complete the enrolment with your details and when we email you with payment details, you can advise us of who the gift is for with their details and we will send you the voucher with the log on details.

Please email me once you have paid with your email address and the name of the course you want so I can ensure we get your course access set up nice and quickly.

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