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Why not join us for our Annual tour of Kew Gardens exploring aromatic plants and herbs!

Feedback from students:

"I enjoyed studying the Herbal Medicine Intro Course online. It was a great insight into using herbal remedies and Carole provided lots of useful information and contacts about the subject. She was very efficient at answering my questions and supported me well. I would recommend this course!" Rae

Introduction to Herbal Medicine (online course)

This course is aimed at everyone who would like to learn how to use herbal medicine safely at home. It is also perfect if you are thinking of training as a Herbal Medicine Practitioner and gives you the opportunity to dip your toe prior to making a commitment to a great deal of study as part of your career progression. It comes with suggestions for making products and advice and recipes for you and your family.

If you would like to use this course for CPD, there is the option to submit dome coursework for assessment and a gain a CPDcertificate worth 6 points, accredited by CHP.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • understand the concept of using the whole plant and how they have medicinal properties

  • understand how to collect, dry and store your plants ready for making remedies

  • understand the different methods herbal medicine can be used to take internally

  • understand the different methods of preparing methods for external use

  • understand how to recognise sixteen common herbs you can find everywhere in your locality and what medicinal properties they have

  • understand how to create and use herbal remedies for a range of common ailments

  • understand how you might use herbal medicines to support your mental health

  • Understand safe use of herbal remedies for babes, children and pets

  • understand the safe use of herbal medicine if you are breastfeeding or pregnant

  • understand how you can progress to professional training as a career

  • understand the coursework required (optional) should you wish to gain the CPD certificate.

Course cost is just £25.00 (no coursework)

                                 £50.00 (with coursework)

Click here to enrol and we will contact you with payment options

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