Introduction to Mindful Meditation

This course is aimed at everyone who would like to learn how to meditate for health and relaxation but does not know where to start. Mindfulness is a buzzword at the moment but really it is all about being self-aware and relaxed. There is a great deal of research to prove that this form of meditation practice has numerous health benefits, and these will be covered in this short course. As well as a workbook, you will also get resources of guided relaxation techniques and mindful meditations.

Course contents:

  • Dispelling the myths around what meditation is

  • What is mindfulness?

  • Creating the right environment for meditation

  • Positions for meditation

  • Grounding yourself

  • Relaxation techniques and meditation exercises for you to use

  • The health benefits of regular mindful meditation practise

  • How to find the time to meditate

  • How to run a meditation group

Course cost is just £25.00

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