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Remedial Massage & Trigger Point Therapy Certificated Course

This course is for massage therapists and aromatherapists who want to enhance their skills. If you would like to learn how to help your clients through targeting specific muscle groups as well as learning how to locate and release trigger points, then this course is perfect for you. It really will make a massive improvement to your skill set and trigger point therapy is a massage therapist's best friend!

Course Syllabus

This course runs overs two weekend sessions that are approximately 1 month apart. You will learn specific release techniques going through each body part starting with the back and neck. You will then learn how to target specific muscles in each region, especially those that commonly cause issues. You will learn how to locate and release trigger points in each muscle and you will be practising in class paired with another student.

If you want to increase your knowledge and really make a huge difference for your clients then look no further than doing this course. You will find that clients love this because of how amazing they feel afterwards, even though it may be uncomfortable at the time. Your client base will soon expand from positive recommendations.


You need to complete 6 case studies to gain the certification, each having at least two treatments each and these will be marked by the assessor.

Course Cost

Course cost is £480 per person, which includes all your resources and a booklet with all the muscle information and location of trigger points written up for you to make it easy to follow and refer back to after the course. We will provide the oil and couch covers, all you need to bring is two towels (a bath towel and a bath sheet.


A 25% non-refundable deposit of £120.00 is required upon booking, 


Kings Street, Thetford (free parking available and local hotels)

Course Dates

Weekend 1: 16th & 17th April 2024

Weekend 2: 14th & 15th October 2024 

If you have a group of therapists wishing to train at a specific venue, we can come to you. Please email us to enquire.

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