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Subtle Aromatherapy for the Mind and Energy Systems (Online course)

This course has been designed as part of the level 5 upgrade course for aromatherapists but can also be undertaken as a stand alone CPD course. 

It covers the psychology of essential oils to look at how essential oils interact with the biological parts of our brain, olfactory system and neuroendocrine system and then looks at how these can be used in therapy. Additionally, the course will take you through an exploration of how essential oils can be used to influence our energy systems, including the human energy field, chakras and meridians.

It is an online course supported with videos demonstrating the various techniques for working with essential oils to influence our emotions and energy systems and there is coursework to complete in order to gain the CPD certificate. You will gain 20 CPD points from Complementary Health Professionals.

Here is the syllabus:

  • The science behind sniffing - exploring the olfactory and limbic systems in depth as well as looking at neuroendocrine functions in relation to essential oil inhalation.

  • How essential oils affect the brain and assist with memory, performance and concentration – the psychology of essential oils

  • How essential oils can affect our mental health and psyche and why it is so useful to help combat the symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • Exploration of essential oil association therapy

  • Discussion on different methods of inhalation of essential oils with suggested blends to help emotional imbalances

  • Discussion on vibrational medicine and how essential oils fit into this theory

  • How essential oils can affect and help balance the chakras

  • How to use essential oils in the Human Energy Field

  • A review of common energy problems with supporting videos demonstrating techniques to rebalance these using essential oils

  • Using essential oils with other energy therapies

  • Using essential oils for meditation and rituals



Cost of this course is £150.00

CHP Premier members get a £10 discount

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