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Anatomy Masterclasses

We run these as part of the level 5 aromatherapy diploma but anyone is welcome to come along and join in the learning as a CPD course, and we will provide a CPD certificate worth 6 hours (points)

There are three distinct classes and these are:

1. Muscular/Skeletal and Neurological Systems - 13th July 2024

2. Elimination and circulatory systems - 26th January 2025

3. Endocrine, reproductive and recap on neurofeedback - 19th July 2025

The cost for each class is £150.00. You can enrol for one class at a time and will receive 6 CPD points.

When you enrol, we will will confirm which date you wish to attend and confirm via email.

This course is tutored by Dan Stephen and you can call him on 07383285058 if you need to discuss this course or email

Image from an anatomy class run by Carole Preen from one of her articles for Postive Health Magazine.

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