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Course Dates at a Glance

We offer lots of courses and some are in-class only, others are online only and there are several that are blended, meaning some is online (usually the theory) and practical learning is done at our venue in Thetford.​This page lets you see at a glance when the next in-class courses or those with blended practical in-class requirements start.

Course Start Dates

Please note that all of our online only courses can be started at anytime.

20th April 2024

8th June 2024

11th May 2024

14th December 2024

3 dates in 2024

23rd November 2024

This is our amazing all singing all dancing aromatherapy diploma! It covers all aspects of using essential oils in clinical practice and will enable you to work in a wide range of professional therapeutic settings.

Exclusive to us, this diploma course teaches a light touch technique that helps the body naturally re-align and readjust into its optimum position, releving back, neck and joint pain. We have years of clinical case studies and published articles. Perfect for massage therapists who want to increase their skills and take your practice to another level!

A much more indepth understanding than most crystal courses that aims to give you confidence to practice, plus a deeper understanding of the science behind it. You will learn about all aspects of energy work.

One of our in-class CPD courses for aromatherapists and essential oil practitioners, this course aims to give you indepth understanding of new ways to think about your blending.

One of our in-class CPD courses for all complementary therapists, this course aims to give take your anatomy knowledge to the next level.

If you would like to study to become a reiki practitioner at the highest level, then we can offer this for you. Our tutor, Dan Stephens is a verified tutor on the Reiki Council, on the CNHC listing and is the Reiki Officer for Complementary Health Professionals.

 Date TBA

This runs over 2 weekends and covers indepth study of muscles, their trigger points, how to alleviate them and this is all incorporated into remedial massage techniques so that you can really help your clients and ensure they keep coming back for more!

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