Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma  (blended learning)

Crystal Therapy is, quite frankly, amazing. It is a subtle therapy that is highly relaxing to receive and fascinating to give. It works with mainly quartz crystals, which have a measurable vibration of energy, which is why they are used to keep precise time in watches. In a therapy session, they are used to move stagnant energy from the subtle energy systems, which are the chakras, Human Energy Field (HEF) and the Meridian system. These energy systems have been discussed for thousands of years in various cultures across the globe and rather than being something new, are a rediscovery of ancient knowledge.

The course is well grounded in science and aims to give you a true understanding of what crystals are and how they can be used for health and wellbeing without getting too "airy fairy"! I will share with you outcomes from my own case studies over the years and look forward to guiding you through the course and hearing about the results of your treatments.


The course follows the nationally agreed standards and is a mixture of online theory modules and face to face practical sessions. Crystal Healing Therapy is best taught in groups and therefore there are dates booked in advance and set once a year. See below for both course dates and the full syllabus.


The theory modules can be started any time before the first practical sessions which are delivered in blocks at our Suffolk venue. As with all of our diplomas, you pay as you go to make it easier and more affordable. The theory modules are £100 each and it is £200 for each practical session of two days. There is an additional fee for the external examiner from Complementary Health Professionals, which is shared by the students on the course.


Remember that you can start the theory at anytime and module one needs to be completed before session 1. The next dates for the practicals in 2023 are to be uploaded later this year:



Module 1 Content

  • The History of Crystals

  • Geological origins and classification

  • Crystals and Physics

  • How Crystals are used in Industry

  • Understanding the concepts of Vibrational Medicine

  • Types of Quartz and their properties

  • The Human Energy Field and the Higher Self

  • An explanation of energy blockages, energy leaks and the energy interface

  • Energy Defence Systems

  • Choosing, cleansing, charging and programming crystals

  • A study of 30 different crystals and their healing properties


Module 2 Content

  • An in depth study of the chakra system

  • Etheric Anatomy and physiology of the chakra gateways

  • Birth, life and death relating to the chakra system, including study of the higher chakras

  • Meaning of faces on quartz crystals that lead to specific healing abilities

  • How to take the case for case studies (this will be reinforced during practical sessions)

  • Gem Elixirs

  • Absent healing

  • Planetary and astrological influences and Planetary Healing with crystals

  • Room Layouts

  • Laser Crystals, wands, Earth keepers and Elestials

  • Study of 30 crystals and their healing properties

Module 3 Content

Module 4 Content



PRACTICAL SESSIONS (everyone needs to have completed theory module 1 beforehand)


In practical sessions, you will be both giving and receiving treatments with your fellow students. Wear comfortable clothing to allow getting on and off treatment couches.


Day 1 & 2

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Introduce how to feel and move energy with the hands

  • Working with quartz crystals to move energy

  • Demonstration and practice of the neurological balance, hip balance and brain hemisphere balance

  • How to ground, centre and balance yourself and your client

  • How to protect your own energies as a therapist

  • Crystal Meditation with the Keeper of the Crystal

  • Exercises to see the Human Aura


Days 3 and 4 (everyone needs to have at least started and read through theory module 2 beforehand)

  • Learning how to dowse

  • Learning how to dowse chakra patterns and what this means for the client

  • How to open chakras using quartz crystals

  • How to clear the energy field using quartz crystals

  • Meditation on the chakras and connecting with your Higher Self

  • How to choose crystals for laying on the body

  • How to charge the chakras with crystal energy and conduct a full crystal healing treatment

  • Practice taking the case with consultation forms using listening and observation skills

  • How to test for leaks in the Human Energy Field and heal them

  • Meditation to release energy defence systems and negative attachment

  • Game to test knowledge of crystal properties


Days 5 and 6

  • Learning how to make gem elixirs for your clients

  • Using laser crystals and wands to clear the Human Energy Field

  • Students to practice giving each other a full crystal healing treatment 

  • Practice taking the case and listening and observation skills

  • Discussion on case studies

  • Meditation on planetary healing and carry out some absent healing

Days 7 and 8

  • Past -Life Therapy with crystal healing 

  • Resonance Therapy with crystals - deep chakra cleansing

  • Meditations with crystals - group practice

  • Entitles and house clearance

  • Group Practice using the skills learned

Days 9 and 10

  • Relationships Cords Healing with Crystals

  • Hara and Core balancing

  • Using crystals in Meridian Therapy, with essential oils and other complementary therapies

  • Students will perform a mock practical and a final practical assessment


If this is the first therapy you have studied, once completed we recommend that you take the Business Practice for Therapists Module. In that you will learn about how to set up a practice, all the legislation involved in running a therapy business and marketing skills to ensure your business is a success. Cost is just £50 and it counts towards your CPD. Discuss this with me and I will be able to organise this for you.