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How and why does Crystal Healing work?

Crystal Healing can lead you to think of many strange scenarios, such as hippies waving stones around to witch doctors throwing bones!! However, as a complementary therapy, it is becoming increasingly popular and widely recognised. Many of you may say, “How can a lump of rock have any effect on my health?” which is a valid question. Needless to say, everyone accepts that the quartz in their watch keeps accurate time, or the silicon (quartz) chip in your computer assists with its memory storage ability. In fact, we use the silicon chip so extensively nowadays, that the technology age could just as easily be called the Crystal Age!

The reason we use crystals in this way is that they have the ability to emit electricity. Two crystals rubbed together will give out sparks. If an electric current is passed through a crystal, it physically vibrates and it is through this property that vibratory energy can be stored in crystals. This is known as the piezoelectric effect. We can study the highly ordered atomic

structure or quartz to see that its crystals give out constant, coherent and reliable energy vibrations, which is why crystal oscillators control the frequency for radio and are used in industry. The piezoelectric effect enables crystals to transform a mechanical pressure into another form of energy such as light, electricity or sound and then to amplify it. For example in the old record player the needle was connected to a crystal element and to ride the record grooves. Then as the needle fluctuated, the mechanical stresses would connect to an electrical signal which would be amplified into sound.

Human beings also give off energy vibrations. Every cell, organ and tissue in our body has its own radiation emission and magnetic field used nowadays in diagnosis in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scans). Many physics scientists have proved that the limit of our being does not end with our physical bodies. We all have an aura. Energy fields surround us and we are in a constant state of energy exchange with our environment. We both absorb and radiate out light. We are basically constant receivers and transmitters of energy and research has shown how our health can be adversely affected by living close to strong electrical currents and fault lines. Both Einstein and Tesla postulated that we are surrounded by a sea of energy, which they described as invisible, boundless and in perfect order. Energy is constantly moving but always in a precise pattern. There is nothing random in the universe. When studying crystals in healing, one has to understand the physics to understand how it works. Crystal healing is much more than some weird hippies waving crystals around, although it still has that stigma attached to it for many people. Energy has been described by many scientists and physicists. Mesmer called it animal magnetism and Reich called it orgone. In traditional Indian medicine it is called "Prana". The Chinese call it "Qi". In all eastern spiritual traditions it is called pure consciousness or life force energy. Needless to say it is nothing new.

The Cambridge biologist Rupert Sheldrake states that both living organisms and crystals have a "morphogenetic field" by which form, development and behaviour is shaped and maintained across both space and time. This is what we call the etheric field in the human aura. Everything in nature has an energy field, trees, stones, animals and humans. Our bodies do not stop with our physical form. We are essentially a field of energies which vibrate at different frequencies. Our aura is made up of subtle vibrations which affect our state of mind and body.

As already mentioned, crystals radiate vibrations of energy and they also absorb light, mainly in the infrared end of the light spectrum, which we cannot see with the naked eye. In fact human's only see about 2% of the light spectrum: however, you do not need to see a microwave or radio wave to know it exists, do you? When you pick up a stone you are attracted to, it will deliver its vibration into your energy field. You may have felt a stone get really hot in your hand as a result. As the stones are consistent with their vibrational frequencies, one could liken them to a radio transmitter constantly broadcasting the same programme. This is how those lumps of rock can affect the way you feel and change your energy field to “heal” you. The skill comes in being able to know which crystal to use and how to use it.

The Light Spectrum

Learning crystal healing at diploma level takes two years of part-time study, but you can practise the basic techniques after the first year, join our professional association and gain insurance through our discounted scheme to practise. You have to learn about energy vibrations, basic geology and be able to identify and know the properties of at least 60 stones. You also have to learn about the energy fields around the body, including an in-depth study of the chakras (energy centres), how they affect the physical body, and in turn how this leads to illness. In crystal healing you can really get to the root cause of a problem, which is so often located in the energy fields.

Natural Therapeutics has now launched its Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma. The course has been written so that it matches the core curriculum of ACHO. The tutor has been qualified in crystal healing since 1996 and has been in professional practice since, along with other complementary therapies which she uses in bespoke treatments for her clients. The course is a blended learning diploma, which means that you do the two theory modules online in the comfort in your own home and at your own pace and then you will come and do the practical skills workshops at our venue in Desborough, Northants. During the workshops you will be practising crystal healing on each other under close supervision but be ready for change!

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