Aromatherapy for Colds and Flu

I originally published this article a few years ago but thought it would be good to have it here too. Remember that when using essential oils, they need to be treated with respect as they contain powerful chemicals that is used inappropriately or undiluted on the skin, can cause serious health risks.

Well it is that time of year! Colds and flu are still one of the most common illnesses and one that hits us when our immune system is low, possibly through stress or because we are generally under par. I picked up an excellent information booklet at my local doctor’s surgery recently, written by Help the Aged., called “Fight the Flu”. It talks about flu as an unwelcome visitor and that flu is nothing new, having been around for thousands of years. The worst outbreak in history was the epidemic of 1918-1919 when over 228,000 people died in this country alone (Johnson 2015).