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Accredited Clinical Aromatherapy Level 5 Upgrade Diploma (online learning)

This course has been designed to advance aromatherapy qualifications in the UK to level 5 in terms of knowledge, skills and academic achievement. There are 9 modules in total to complete and each comes with its own coursework requirements. These modules can be used as standalone CPD and a CPD certificate will be issued for each. When all have been completed, students will need to also submit a 3000-word extended research essay for assessment before the level 5 diploma can be issued.


Applicants will need to already hold a recognised level 3 diploma in aromatherapy. By recognised, this means either meeting the Aromatherapy Council’s Core Curriculum in the year it was delivered or the CNHC Core Curriculum, first published in 2018. The Aromatherapy Council has published a UK national standard for training since 1991.

Below is the list of modules, with the links to the relevant pages and you can also download the full details by clicking here.


1. Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry & Safety

2. Aromatherapy and Massage for Elderly Care

3. Aromatherapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postnatal Care, Babies and Children

4. Subtle Aromatherapy for the Mind & Energy Systems

5. Less Common Essential Oils in Clinical Practice

6. Hydrosols, Infused Oils and Advanced Product Making

7. Essential Oils for the treatment of Chronic Pathologies

8. Essential Oils for Mental Health and Learning Difficulties

9. Advanced Communication Skills for Complementary Therapists

We will consider to APEL any module towards the Level 5 Diploma if you can provide evidence that you have already attained the knowledge and training in any specific area previously at this high level of academia.

To enrol, please email Carole to discuss the modules at

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